Things to consider before buying an Android

Here are the things you should consider

Well, there are many things you have to consider before buying an android phone other than specifications like the camera, battery, Processor, and many more things. Don’t worry I will tell you step by step.


While buying a phone the first thing you must consider is your budget. Your budget will decide that which phone you will buy. While in  India average people are spending 10000 or 15000 for an android.Which is enough




Now here comes the big Question That which company you should prefer. well, the company who is giving phone under good price and great specification you should definitely go for it. but if you want a specific company phone make sure that the company is providing phone under genuine price and good specifications.

3.Android version

Now your budget is set and you have selected the phone also. The phone you are going to buy must have the latest android version. If you buy an android phone with android lollipop your phone can have bugs and you will not enjoy the experience of using it. A new android version can give you a stable performance.

4. The purpose you want to buy android

You should know for what purpose you are buying device for example  If you are buying a phone for gaming you should consider the Ram and the processor  and battery performance or if you are buying a smartphone for regular use like browsing, Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook you should you should check the network bands and if you want to do gaming, browsing and clicking pictures then you have to check  all the specifications.


The conclusion drawn from all the above points is you should buy the phone which gives great specification and offers a good price. although it’s your money and you would not like to spend your money on a phone that gives you a bad experience.




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