Most loved youtubers of India

Most loved youtuber’s of India

1.Amit bhadana

Amit Bhadana (Born on 17th September 1994) is one of  the Most loved youtuber’s of India . He is active on most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and has more than . He first started making vines in late 2016.
Increasing popularity and Incredible Talent, that is who Amit Bhadana is. Starting from scratch Amit Bhadana has become one of the most popular Indian viners in recent times. Through his charm and humor, he has gained a wide fan base across the country with the help of social media like facebook, twitter etc.
So what is different in his video from other viners..?? certainly, something that has made him an internet celebrity in such a short span of time.He is currently having 13 million subs

Most loved youtuber's of India
Most loved youtuber’s of India

Amit Bhadana belongs to Johripur village in North Delhi. He has done his schooling from Yamuna Bihar school and completed his graduation in the field of law. He always enjoyed making other people laugh in schools and in his friend circle.

After getting a positive response from people on his Adele’s reply video, he made a dubbing video on Eminem and that went viral.

2.Bb ki vines

Most loved youtuber's of India
Most loved youtuber’s of India

The 2nd Most loved youtuber’s of India is   Bhuvan bam. He is the creator of the channel named bb ki vines. His channel is currently having 8.5 million subscribers and total views are 1,109,187,260. Bhuvan bam said he was testing the front camera of his new phone and he made a video and posted on the internet somehow the video got viral and he continued to make videos and finally, on June 20, 2015, he created his youtube channel named as BB ki vines.

In 3 years he had earned a lot of subscribers which is his hard work. As of now, he is most loved youtube in India.He is a good singer also His recent song is safar which is just amazing

3.Technical guruji

The 2nd Most loved youtuber’s of India  is Gaurav Choudhary.his channel is currently having 7 million subs and total views are 637,553,278.H e is explaining the technical terms very easily.He has done ME in microelectronics from BITS Pilani Dubai.

Most loved youtuber's of India
Most loved youtuber’s of India


He is currently handling his family business and also working on youtube. By his hard work he currently the top tech youtuber of India. He has joined youtube on oct,18 2015.

4.Ashish chanchlani

Ashish chanchalani is one  Most loved youtuber’s of India .he is currently having 5.4 million total views are 499,930,253.He has started youtube in 2014 after bb ki vines he is the most famous vines maker in India. He has done in civil engineering

Most loved youtuber's of India
Most loved youtuber’s of India


He currently working as full-time youtuber . If you have not watched it yet just watch it it is just amazing.

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