How to score good marks in maths

how to score good marks in maths

How to score good marks in maths

Maths!!!!…..when we talk about maths many of the people find it boring or difficult. But let me tell you one thing once you will begin to practice maths you will really find it interesting. Maths is a type of subject which will sharp your brain.on the other hand it will increase your job opportunities.some of the students studying in class 12 or 1o which are going to appear for board exams need some tips to score good marks in maths so let talk about How to score good marks in maths.

how to score good marks in maths

1.Practice it regularly

Maths is that type of subject which need’s a lot of practice. You have to practice it regularly to see the results. Whatever is taught in your school you have to revise it at home if you do it regularly you will find the results. your interest in maths will increase automatically.

2.Clearing basics

Imagine that what would happen if in 1st class you are said to solve multiply sums or division sums.Most of the students are facing problems because their basics are not clear…so get up and try to solve the lower classes books for example if you are studying in class 10 and you want to clear your basics so you have to solve 9th,8th and 7th class maths books. Then you will see a gradual change in your performance.

3.@2 hours Formula

what is two hours formula let me explain you. 2 hours formula means you have to study maths at least 2 hours daily and you have to solve every question that is taught in your school and tuition. This will be very beneficial for you and will really help in your exams to score good marks in maths.


You have to left all the distractions which are distracting you to not to study like mobile phones, friends, televisions…etc.You must pay full attention to your maths. Rather using mobile phones while can take 20 or 15 minutes break once to refresh your mind. Because no one can study continuously.


If you will follow my instructions and will practice maths consistently you will able to solve the most difficult problem. I already told you maths is subject until you will not practice you will not able to solve the practice maths regularly.

All the best!!!!!!!


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