10 amazing facts that you should know

amazing facts about the animals and nature

 amazing facts about the animals and nature

Did you know the giraffe is having the same bones as the human is having? So let us discuss about the amazing facts about the animals and nature. Probably you never heard these facts.

The oldest animal ever recorded was an Icelandic cyprime which is a type of shellfish. one example lived for 374 years.

Bacteria are so small that more than one million of them could fit onto the head of the pin.

The world’s rainforests are being cut down so quickly that they could disappear completely in just 40 years.

More than half of the world’s animals live in the rainforests. There are many more kinds of the animal waiting to be discovered in these forests.

Although most of the chameleons eat insects, a few species are big enough to catch and eat birds.

A leafcutter ant can carry almost 10 times its own weight. That is like a human lifting a small car above his or her head.

A Siberian tiger can eat 100 pounds of meat in one in one meal. That is the same as eating 400 hamburgers in one sitting.

The giraffe may have a very long neck but it still has just seven neck bones. The same as the human.

Scientists have discovered remains of the giant scorpions that were more than 5 feet long. These prehistoric monsters lived 330 million years ago

The Atlantic giant squid has the largest eyes in the world Each eyeball can measure up to 16 inches across

1 more (: sometimes two or three dung betells fight over a  small ball of dung.

These were some facts about the animals and nature




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